While visiting the Peggy Guggenheim Foundation in Venice, I took notice of the beauty of the restaurant glass panes. A beauty other visitors seemed to neglect. Framed by the ceiling grid, the glass panes covered with decaying leaves and dirt were, it seemed, almost as paintings, inspired by their residency in a palace and a museum, as a logical prolongation of Venice’ own style, as inspired by the specific art from that particular city. Even more interesting, there seemed to be a connection between this and the fact that a three was planted in the garden, tribute to Peggy Guggenheim, as a work of art made by Yoko Ono. This tree was standing next to the tomb of Peggy Guggenheim’s pets, a place the owner used to refer as “my beloved babies”. This “cycle of life” can also be seen, however vaguely, in the photos, at the leaves of Yoko’s tree can be recognized, as traces of animal life can be seen in insects and insects paths in the dust, in flowers and a glimpse of sunlight through the dense forest of leaves and plants. A slight reflection in some of the photos, of the museum guests, hint at the bustle of our life under the unnoticed fresco above our heads.

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