“The Great Escape” combines a series of techniques and methods, and, as several of my latest work, humanitarian or voluntary work with the art creation.

“The Great Escape” is related to how the past three years has I worked as a volunteer in Spain with women in prison.

Woman inmates with children get one week of summer vacation. The Spanish government does not support this financially, and the initiative is based on the efforts of volunteers.

The women serve time for everything from smuggling, mafia activities, violence and murder. They are entitled to vacation only if they either have babies when they were put on trial or because they had a baby in jail.

In such cases, the father is often unknown; it can be anything from the guards, policemen, lawyers or male inmates (in Spain some pris- ons are for both sexes, although with separate departments).
Seizing the opportunity to create a dialogue with these women, I have asked them the question:

How do you manage to escape from the reality of prison?

I read
I pray
I take drugs
I cry
I follow the schedule strictly
I have our love I close my eyes and imagine that I fly
I use antidepressants
I keep everything clean
I make up songs
I make people laugh
I have my baby I have tried everything, nothing works

I have documented their answer, without attempting to show other than their simple escape route, as a part of their character.

    More answers:


I read

Become famous in the net

Invent songs

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