Hans Petter Blad Dikt
Cappelen Damm 2008


This project started because I needed to understand the poems my husband had published under the title " The Library “. It was a strange feeling for a person who has
lived so many years in Norway. As a Colombian by birth, and a native Spanish speaker, it was difficult for me to understand my husband thoughts because they were written as poems.

The poem intimacy has always made me cry.
I needed to understand what was in his collection of poems.

I read novels in several languages, including Norwegian, but like so many other people I suffer from performance anxiety when it comes to approach poetry, and it seems to me that poetry can only be read under a blossoming cherry tree on a spring evening. I used the camera as an interpreter and re- writer to understand the poems.
You can see the result in this exhibition. My intention is to say something about reading, not just a collection of
"The Library “, but poetry in general.
Perhaps this exhibition is also a way into poetry for others than me.

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